23 03 2008

What can I say? YUMMMMM.




23 03 2008

I went to a chaat (Indian snack food) party at the home of some friends this afternoon. The food was amazing (see next photo) but even more amazing was my friend’s daughter, whom I hadn’t seen in five years. Last time I saw her she was a cute little bookwormish ten year old with glasses. Today… wow.neha.jpg

Back In the Kitchen

21 03 2008

I haven’t made anything other than throw-together meals lately but last night my writing group was coming over and I decided to make two recipes from Rebar: a wilted spinach salad and a Greek lentil soup. They both came out amazingly wonderful. The lentils (here, with bay leaf) looked really pretty.lentils.jpg

My Car

18 03 2008

Where’s my latte?bumper.jpg


18 03 2008

My daughter told me about how a big wave came and hit the boat during the race. Here they’ve just picked it up and turned it over and I love the water droplets hitting the dock. Splash!splash.jpg

All Hands On

17 03 2008


A Good Race

16 03 2008

This is what it looks like after you’ve rowed a good race. I love all the hustle and bustle in the background, the boys heading out in their boat.