In the Hills

13 03 2008

My daughter is also a photographer. She mostly likes to use a Holga, which is a plain box camera with no controls. She set this one up, and I clicked the shutter. I love the eerie otherworldliness of Holga photos. you never know how or if they are going to come out. She had this print mounted and just brought it home from the school exhibit, and I took a picture of it with the Canon.





5 responses

13 03 2008

I have been intrigued by holga photography, what a great example this is! She is beautiful and so is this photo.

13 03 2008

What a great image! I had read about Holga just this morning. 🙂 This photo looks like it comes from the 1960s. Very cool.

13 03 2008

I have a friend who only uses a Holga. She’s quite talented and accomplished, I might add. This is just a dreamy photo.

15 03 2008

Really fantastic shot. I’ve never tried a Holga, but also have friends who have taken some really cool shots with them.

21 03 2008

Wow, that’s a beautifully curious shot.

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