Punching Bag

29 02 2008

This is the top of a punching bag at my gym. I don’t use that thing often enough; it always feels really great.punching-bag.jpg


The Intersection of Pain & Sweat

28 02 2008

This is the grungey old mat at my exercise place. I can’t tell you how many tears and drops of sweat have fallen on its spongey surface. Can you see the little claw marks from my fingernails?mat.jpg

After School Snack

27 02 2008

After a long day, a scone and a carrot really hit the spot.snack.jpg

Carrot Mouth

26 02 2008

Those tell-tale orange stains will give it away every time.carrot-mouth.jpg


25 02 2008

People have frequently remarked on how my older daughter resembles me.  But it’s harder for me to see; I think she looks an awful lot like her dad. They both have cheek AND chin dimples, which I find irresistible in both of them.johnmollie.jpg

It’s Taking Over

24 02 2008

I have no idea what this is, but it has completely taken over our front yard/garden.weeds.jpg


23 02 2008

That’s my mommy. She is Scooter’s best friend.