29 01 2008

I’m sure this photo is not going to win any big design or artistic awards, but it’s the photo of the week around our house. This is the envelope my daughter received yesterday from the ONLY college she applied to. Story here.



Don’t Touch

28 01 2008

You definitely don’t want to hug or otherwise mess around with this cactus.spikes.jpg

Back to CactusLand

27 01 2008

They look like they’re madly blushing, don’t they?blush.jpg


26 01 2008

Guess what, I don’t just shoot photos of plants and animals – I shoot humans, too! (that doesn’t sound right) My friend Ericka needed an author photo for her author page on Redroom. We had a blast doing her photo shoot – this was one of my favorites.ericka.jpg

More Little Pricklies

25 01 2008

 This is a closeup of that.


Cactus Land 4

24 01 2008

The little dots look like rhinestones to me. Or teeny, tiny skull faces.cactus-5.jpg

Cactus Land 3

23 01 2008

I don’t know if this is too blurry, but I liked it.