Indoor S’Mores

14 08 2008

What do you do if you are craving s’mores and you don’t have a campfire? A toaster oven will do just fine. 🙂


Breakfast In Bed

14 08 2008

Courtesy of my lovely daughters.

Life On the River, It is Good

12 08 2008

Our last family vacation before Big Girl goes to college.


16 06 2008

It was the 17th year, and cicadas were buzzing, swarming, and dying all over Harsha Lake, Ohio, where we spent last weekend. Here’s one on the hood of the car.

Happy Birthday, 14

23 05 2008

Her heart’s desire was a fruit tart with lots of fancy candles.  Happy Birthday, my Fabulous Fourteen!

Sarah G Gets Medaled

11 05 2008


11 05 2008

I just love this girl. She’s like family.