Team Colors

11 03 2008

We put up these balloons to mark our house for the 100-person pasta feed this weekend. They descended upon us, ate everything in sight, and disappeared.





4 responses

11 03 2008
Daphne Powell

How could 100 people fit in that teeny tiny house? 😉

11 03 2008

let alone one person fitting in there?
I like all the things in this picture, the balloons and the teeny yellow flowers across the road and the hydrant and the teeny little house.

11 03 2008

It is a great picture. I don’t come from round your way – what is the 100 person pasta feed in aid of?!

11 03 2008

bsouth, it’s in aid of a youth sports team who needed to do carbo-loading for the next day’s race!

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