26 01 2008

Guess what, I don’t just shoot photos of plants and animals – I shoot humans, too! (that doesn’t sound right) My friend Ericka needed an author photo for her author page on Redroom. We had a blast doing her photo shoot – this was one of my favorites.ericka.jpg




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26 01 2008

It’s a lovely portrait. Nice work!

26 01 2008


26 01 2008

That’s a wonderful portrait. I might nip over for you to do mine as well (OK, a bit far, I concede). Was she pleased with it?

26 01 2008

She was really happy. She’d been dreading having her picture taken (hard to believe, I know) and I ended up with about 20 really really good ones. Come on over and I’d be happy to do yours, too!

27 01 2008

I can see why it was a favorite. Great portrait!

28 01 2008

I love taking pictures of people, you did a very good job on this portrait, the subject is obviously comfortable.

1 02 2008

This is beautiful. The red scarf is perfect. You did an awesome job!

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