The Storm, from Inside

5 01 2008

The great storm of the year. It was fearsome, but good to watch from inside. Can you see the heart on the windowpane?





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5 01 2008

I really like the tone of this shot. I’m also a sucker for shots of rain through windshields and windows, for some reason.

5 01 2008

Yikes! It looks even rainier there than it does here.

6 01 2008

I love how the rain makes the green so green. Lovely.

6 01 2008

Hi Susan,

Congrats on your new photo blog! That is so exciting. I have an older canon (30D) and I love it. Feel free to hit me up for “tips” anytime. I am an occasional lurker to your great writing blog and I received a very kind email from you last year when my piece, “Brooklyn Bridge” was published at Literary Mama. We also discussed Holga plastic cameras you may remember. Quite a different animal, but also fun.

I also live in the East Bay and this has been one bear of a storm. Beautiful in its way.

Keep up the photographing. You have inspired me to return to my long-neglected blog as well.

Happy New Year!


6 01 2008

Stephanie, I am excited too! I am really learning so much about how much I don’t know… maybe I need to come take a class from you. 🙂

My daughter is doing pretty much 100% of her photo work with Holga now and it is really quite impressive. She needs to start her own photo blog!

I’ve just added you to my blogroll – looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Thanks, everyone else, for the nice comments. This is fun!

7 01 2008

Oh, this is a breathtaking photo!

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